Great Curricula

I’m passionate about great curriculum design. In my opinion, there are no poor teachers, only teachers ill equipped by poorly-designed curriculum. Here are some of the curricula I’ve developed from my various teaching experiences.

CS 601: Front-End Development

Taught at Boston University Metropolitan College

CS 601 Code Snippets: Hosted on Glitch, these snippets demonstrate various aspects of using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build web sites.

Front-End Foxes School

Taught globally in cohorts from 2020-2022

While the school closed in 2023, the curriculum, adapted from the Microsoft Web Development for Beginners, lives on!

22-Lesson Curriculum

The original nonprofit, Vue Vixens, was founded as a way to host free workshops for women in person at Vue.js and Front-End focused conferences. Those workshops live on here:

Standalone workshops and visible here

Front-End Foxes Bootcamp

A bootcamp format was also in place, with a shorter, 6-week cadence.

”For Beginners”: The Original Design

Since I am no longer at Microsoft, the original design of the curricula that I created alongside teammates has been altered. I have conserved the original designs, content and format here. They were designed with great care with no superfluity, with credit given to the authors, and will remain so on my own repos: - The original, and most popular, of the curricula I designed while orchestrating the original team at Microsoft. - The second curriculum that I also designed, and for which I wrote a considerable number of lessons. - Written primarily by Dmitry Soshnikov - Written by Jim Bennett - Written by a Team, managed by Jasmine Greenaway

Curriculum Template

Used at Microsoft, this is a template to use when scaffolding a suite of lessons on GitHub.

GitHub Template