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The Ethics of Generative AI Part 1 - Some Vocabulary

The lightning-speed development of generative AI in various permutations has serious ethical questions on fair use. In this introductory article I tackle this vast topic by offering some vocabulary and a timeline

— 7 Apr 2023

Announcing the Launch of AWS Cloud Clubs

An article written by Tracy Wang and Jen Looper all about our new initiative, AWS Cloud Clubs

— 6 Feb 2023

What Are JavaScript Engines?

Originally written in 2015 and updated on BuildOn, this article is cited in Wikipedia on the topic.

— 9 Nov 2022

Build a Green Browser Extension

Try your hand at building a browser extension to track the carbon intensity in your region

— 7 July 2021

Making Games with Autistic Students

A Partnership between the National Museum of Computing,, and Azure Advocates

— 22 Apr 2021

Machine Learning for Artisans - Classifying Lacemaking Techniques

The use of advanced inference techniques when visiting a museum collection may not be obvious. Learn how to use to create a classification model to determine different types of lace

— 22 Jan 2021

Saving Halloween 2020 with Azure Maps and Candy Caches

In 2020, Halloween is in jeopardy. How do you safely trick or treat in a pandemic? Enter...Azure Maps!

— 21 Nov 2020

Announcing a Free Curriculum - Web Development for Beginners

Azure Advocates and Project Managers have launched a curriculum that you can access completely free of charge to take your first steps with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, the building blocks of the web

— 12 Nov 2020

Azure Maya Mystery Part III - Ascent to the Summit

Ascend to the summit of the pyramid and learn its name!

— 3 Sept 2020

Azure Maya Mystery Part II - The Mysterious Cenote

In part 1 of the Mystery, we discovered the meaning of many glyphs to gain access to the pyramid. In part 2, we descend to the basement to discover a mysterious cenote.

— 3 Aug 2020

Unraveling the Azure Maya Mystery and Building A World

How we partnered with experts to create a game that taught about Maya glyphs while exploring a mysterious pyramid, encountering surprises along the way.

— 2 July 2020

Ice Cream Or Dalmatian? Who Can Tell?! Building a Machine-Learning Powered PWA

Using a cognitive service that builds on pre-trained models is a great way to dip your toe into machine learning models using some of the excellent Azure Machine Learning cognitive services , build a completely useless web app and have some fun doing it.

— 19 Apr 2020

Deploy your Website on Azure with GitHub Actions like a Hipster

I’ve been meaning to skill up in GitHub Actions for a while. You know that little tab that appears on your repo labeled Actions? That’s the one I keep failing to click on.

— 1 Feb 2020

Front-End Foxes 2019 Retrospective and 2020 Roadmap

2019 was a banner year for our organization. We are now a 501(c)(3) public tax-exempt nonprofit and we are here to serve our community! In this article, I’ll outline the work we did in 2019, the lessons we learned, and where we hope to go in 2020.

— 31 Jan 2020

Lucy’s Dilemma - Day 2 of the 25DaysOfServerless Challenge

So, an evil grinch has stolen all the servers in the world, and we have to visit many countries to set things right! Your task? Help Lucy in Stockholm deliver coffee in time to her family.

— 3 Dec 2019